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The San Sebastian Interview

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How Stylist San Sebastian is gaining prominence in Paris.

San Sebastian is a name that's quickly gaining prominence in the Parisian fashion scene. As a gifted stylist and art director, Sebastian has mastered the art of merging the raw energy of streetwear with the timeless elegance of premium fashion. After carving out a niche for himself in the world of premium streetwear, his diverse portfolio now includes acclaimed music videos, personal clients, and catwalk showcases.

Sebastian's journey started in the Caribbean, a fact that, while not always overt, subtly influences his work. However, it's his life in Paris that's truly honed his stylistic instincts. For SneakTV's interview, he candidly discussed his fashion journey, detailing the myriad of influences that shape his unique style.

His love for sneakers mirrors his eclectic tastes, Sebastian considers these to be more than just an accessory. For him, they are an integral part of the cultural dialogue between streetwear and high fashion. His recent works continue to reflect this, often featuring imaginative reinterpretations of classic sneaker designs.

In essence, Sebastian represents the new wave of fashion creatives, those who are not just participants but push the boundaries of traditional style norms. His Caribbean roots and Parisian influences converge to create a unique fashion narrative, positioning him firmly at the forefront of the Paris fashion scene.