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Brand Stories

Lilith NYC - Caudal Lure Sneakers

Website @lilith.nyc

A love letter to Queens, to refugees, immigrants, and the hustle. Lilith NYC is a new sneaker brand founded by Sarah Sukumaran (she/her), who's aim is to celebrate all women in the sneaker industry.

The label is named after the Jewish and Mesopotamian folklore story of Lilith, the first wife of Adam, who's history was erased because she chose not to be submissive towards man and was then labeled as a temptress. Lilith NYC embodies this tale by believing there is a part of Lilith in each and everyone one of us.

Shop the Edit
Caudal Lure Amberlou Brick Green Low Top Sneakers"
Caudal Lure Concrete Jungle Green Low Top Sneakers"
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